5 thoughts on “Photos: Portugal Algarve 2017

  1. I think you look absolutely stunning in the sunflower dress, absolutely gorgeous, and how much you look like Deborah…….xxxxx

  2. Lovely pics and scenery sis. Coen is growing up so fast. Ive not managed to get throu them all and the text also. Will look forward to seeing them later xxx

    1. Oh do love the hair Loz, it looks really lovely, so glad you had a relaxing time. Beautiful views xxxxx

  3. Great to see the pics Mark, been waiting for some from your farsha but he’s clearly photodelinquint.
    Congrats on upcoming new sproglet, it’s gets easier, by the 4th and 5th, it’ll bee a breeze.

    1. Thanks Uncle Robert, glad you’ve enjoyed the photos – I’m updating the sets from the old site so there’s a lot more to go. When will we see you over here in London next?

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